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Just pick a paint color?

July 1, 2010

Selecting a paint color can be really hard when you have 1,000’s of colors to choose from. Color schemes can make you learn a lot about your self. Have you ever explored color therapy, or the psychology of colors? Well this is always taken into consideration when hotels, restaurants and casinos design their interiors. Here’s how you can simplify and make a decision on paint colors for your next design project…

Take the Color Sense Game created by Pittsburgh Paints:

My Color Personality is: Almonds & Honey!

“The color of the sun, yellow signifies good faith and confidence and therefore, where there is yellow, there is light! Welcome to the Almonds & Honey Harmony Collection™, where the purity of yellow expresses cheer and optimism wherever it shines. Known to stimulate the intellect, yellow also improves concentration and sharpens memory, making it ideal for the study, home office, and children’s rooms. With its positive effect on mood, the joyous nature of yellow promotes harmony and a sense of vitality, making it a welcome addition for kitchens, where family and friends gather. In mellow shades or invigorating hues, yellow suits nearly any room.”


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One Comment
  1. My color personality is Water Beads, while my second is Al Fresco. Keep that in mind Priya!

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